I have 12 PDF's that are 300-600 pages each where someone has highlighted large portions in gree, blue and yellow. I want to keep all yellow highlights To highlight texts and lines: 1. Open your PDF file with Adobe Reader. 2. Choose Highlight text from the toolbar. or choose Comment->Highlight Text. 3. Highlight important texts and lines by holding the left mouse. To remove a highlight from text and lines: 1. Right click on the highlighted part. 2. Choose Delete. To highlight texts and lines with Move the text out of the way, click on the yellow highlight "strip" and delete. Then move the text back - you can click the text so it's invisible border shows and just use your arrows on your keyboard to move back in place. If you cannot grab or click the "yellow highlight strip", you may needed to move more of hte surrounding text out of the way. I have a PDF doent with highlighted text that was created using the highlighter tool (sort of fluorescent yellow color marker) . Hi arg42330689 , You can go to Comment>in the right pane>hold Ctrl key and select all the pages on which highlighted text is>right click>Delete. Click "Tools" from the top menu and then click the "Highlight Text" tool. The highlight text tool looks like a "T" with a marker. The highlight is removed from the text. Step. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to remove highlighting from additional text in the Adobe document. i use adobe acrobat pro x v.10 i need to remove all highlights in PDF document, how can i do it please? How to unhighlight text in PDF files? If you don't know what to do, here is the easiest way to remove highlighting from PDF files. An highlight that has been applied in Acrobat will be an annotation/comment. I have a PDF that has over a thousand pages worth of highlighted text. When I open up the comments section, I can see all of the highlighted comments but Step 2. Unhighlight PDF Once it is open, go to the "Comment" tab and select "Highlight". Click on the area you want to unhighlight. Once you click on it, it will be activated for editing. This is indicated by a box forming around the area. Right click anywhere within the box. A menu will appear with choices of functions you can use. Select "Delete". 2. Select Comment View 3. Select Show Comments List 4. A separate box will open at the bottom of the page and each highlighted comment will be shown in a list 5. Select all of the comments by holding "Shift" and selecting each comment. 6. After all are selected, right click on the selected comments and select delete. All yellow highlights will be Remove highlighting from pdf I have highlighted text in my PDF. How do I remove these highlights? An highlight that has been applied in Acrobat will be an annotation/comment. How to Highlight Text in a PDF Document. Remove Pages from a PDF i use adobe acrobat pro x v.10 i need to remove all highlights in PDF document, how can i do it please? Portable document format ... How to Remove Highlighting in Adobe; ... Repeat steps 3 and 4 to remove highlighting from additional text in the Adobe document. Select a comment, then CMD-A to Select them all Hit the Delete Key Marking Multiple Documents ... 5 Responses to Highlighting Multiple Words in a PDF Document. It is no way to delete all highlights at once, but in our next release 6.0, you can hide all comments so it just looks like the highlights are removed. The Highlight Text, Cross Out Text, and Underline Text tools provide the same functionality and options that are available with the Text Edits tool, but with easier access. If you want to delete the highlighted, crossed-out, or underlined formatting to your text, just click the formatted area and hit the Delete or Backspace key. To remove the extracted pages from the original document, select Delete Pages After Extracting. To create a single-page PDF for each extracted page, select Extract Pages As Separate Files. To leave the original pages in the document and create a single PDF that includes all of the extracted pages, leave both check boxes deselected. PDFill PDF Redaction & PDF Eraser lets you redact or remove sensitive ... PDF Redaction & PDF Eraser 1: Delete All Original Contents. Select a function: Using the print driver in Acrobat X Standard to save a PDF/A file as standard or high quality did not remove the PDF/A information. How to Efficiently Select All the Text in a PDF Document. Selecting all of the text in a PDF document seems like it would be a fairly straightforward process, right? Apply or remove highlighting. Remove highlighting from part or all of a document . Need to mark up PDF files? ... To Highlight text. 1. ... Click on a comment, and then choose Reply or Delete from pane's toolbar; 3. The Highlight tool enables you to flag text in your PDF documents and also enables you to add comments to the flagged ... How to Unhighlight in Acrobat. Remove highlighted area in pdf using iTextSharp. It removes all annotation but i want to remove particular annotation. Read this article to find out how to highlight on PDF effortlessly. Follow these steps to use text edit comments in a PDF to indicate where text ... insert or delete text, and highlight, strikethrough or ... Mark up text with edits. PDF Comment's Highlight Tool can highlight sections of PDF document with Notes. How to Unhighlight an Adobe Document; ... Navigate to the document you want to remove the highlight from. ... How to Remove Blank Pages Within a PDF Document. Is anybody else having trouble highlighting text in pdf files? I just downloaded the new Windows 10 OS and I seem to have lost the ability to highlight Ive been trying to remove highlights from this document for the last 3 hours, with no luck, except converting them to images, which is of no use to me. Highlighting, how to remove? Announcements. Select all highlighted text and hit the highlight button to remove highlighting (doesn't work) 2. Discover answers on How to Remove Highlighting in Adobe?. Post you answers or question onAdobe Reader Q&A. ... How to Highlight a PDF Document With Adobe Reader