Instant Run requires that the platform corresponding to your target device (Android 1.0) is installed. Android Studio Instant Run ... required as the apk will be installed for the first time in the selected device. Instant Run requires that the Android SDK for the API level of the device you are deploying to is installed. A Guide to using Instant Run in ... with a corresponding layout named activity_instant ... or physical device as the run target. Attach Device. Restart your target CE platform. ... Windows CE Services installed on your Windows host platform. Instant Run. Read the official documentation to learn more about ... We Want Your Feedback! A Guide to using Instant Run in ... with a corresponding layout named activity_instant ... or physical device as the run target. - Instant Run now requires the platform SDK corresponding to the target device API level to be installed ... you need to use Android Studio 2.1 to build your app If you then build packages for your target platform, they should be installed into ... file for your target device it is possible ... with CMake cross-compiling. Attach Device. Restart your target CE platform. ... CE Services installed on your Windows host platform. 2 Installation and Upgrading. Database Client Installation Guide that is specific to your platform. OS X Application Development. ... and run it. Target Platform: ... that are specific to the OS X target platform. Troubleshoot blocked .NET Framework installations and uninstallations. Instant Preview allows you to skip the build process and test your VR app instantly on your device, significantly improving iteration time. If instant run is impossible for your current build ... Connect your device with app installed Note: For current information about supported database versions, see the Installation Notes and Release Notes for your product version. Navigation General FAQ This topic (scroll down) covers general information about the product, and all core features which are not hypervisor-specific. ... please contact Customer Support or run the CTOC function on your Bloomberg ... your device platform. If I log into Bloomberg ... Bloomberg circuit installed? Troubleshoot single sign-on (SSO) issues with Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) To target the Visual Studio Emulator for Android, you can either select one of the pre-installed device ... platform. Use your favorite editor or IDE (such as Qt Creator) and create your application or load a Qt example. Then run qmake and nmake/jom to build your application. Building Applications with Visual Studio. To launch your project with Visual Studio a corresponding project needs to be created. NVMe-oF Target Getting Started Guide. ... OFED software package installed to run. The target should work ... standard SPDK distribution on your platform. Instructions on how to install Visual Studio for Mac and ... additional platforms need to be installed beyond ... run your application on device). That is, you can launch the installed application on your device and click Debug to connect to the Flash Builder debugger. This way, you can debug repeatedly without packaging the application every time. IPC Install Guide QNX. ... Set only the variables to the targets your device ... with the executable corresponding to the test you'd like to run. Therefore, you may lose important data. Additionally, when you install Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 8, or Windows 7, the installation creates a system partition alongside the Windows partition by default. The system partition is created to accommodate a BitLocker requirement.