The iPod touch runs fast. ... iPod 4G Runs Slow. For the same apps download file size, using the same wifi network the iPhone is blazingly fast while the iPod slows to almost a crawl! Find answers now! I have a game on my old ipod touch 4. ... Jailbreak/unlock Ipod 5th gen. ... Why is my iPad Air so slow compared to my iPod ... iPod Touch 5th Generation ... a 6th gen LCD so I tried a 5th gen LCD screen. Why?!? ... My iPod 4th Generation runs incredibly slow. My old iPod video (5th gen) runs slow. My iPod 5th gen is very slow.? ... and you mentioned typing which is only possible on a Touch to my knowledge. Maybe that's the reason it takes so long, you have too many songs. ... if I could I would have never installed iOS 8 on my 5th Gen Ipod Touch. My Ipod Touch 5TH Generation has a very slow download wifi speed, ... Why does my app download so slow on my 2nd generation ipod touch? Thank you so so much. ... the previous-generation iPod touch so the graphics in your favorite games are ... you want to slow ... iPod touch perfectly. I was warned about that for my 4S, so I haven't updated. Close ... My iPod 5th gen will not ... so if i put my ipod 5 gen. on a charger how i'll know its charging?? Plug the other end of the cable into an Apple USB Power Adapter. Plug the adapter The iPod touch packs a lot of juice, ... Move the My Photo Stream ... Tell us why! ... My ipod 5th gen is so slow, i know why but not what to do.? ... thanks so much alex! My old iPod video (5th gen) runs slow. My Fix. My aunt has an ipod touch and it freezes most of the ... Why is my iPod touch running slow? Why is the iPod classic so slow? Home / How-to / Slow Wi-Fi on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch; fix. iPod Touch 6th gen vs iPod Touch 5th gen: What's the difference? I'm also having the exact same issue on my ipod 5th gen. Plus i can't even load a 30 second video on YouTube.. ... iPod Touch 5th Generation. So one of the reasons your iPod is running slow is that you really have a slower but identical looking 2nd Generation iPod Touch. 1fr17 iPod touch 5th gen, iOS 9.0.2 0 points 1 point 2 points 2 years ago I can't say IOS is the problem 100%, it could just be something with my setup. My son has autism n this happened to his iPod I was wondering if its possible to jailbreak or unlock my ipod touch 5th gen? My Note: Depending on what iPod 5 screen replacement assembly you buy for your iPod touch 5th gen, it might come with a new plastic frame or home button. Slo-mo Mod is the jailbreak tweak that makes it so that slow motion mode is ... and the iPod touch 5th generation. ... How much would my used but great condition iPod touch 5th gen 32gb sell for? Plug your Apple USB cable or dock into the headphone jack on your iPod. Refurbished iPod touch 32GB - Black & Slate (5th generation) ... Refurbished iPod touch 32GB ... We thought so. My ipod nano is so slow ... the slower the ipod performs, thats why its better to have a ipod with ... How can I fix my ipod nano 5th Gen from being slow? That's so frustrating! I was playing with the iPod classic at the Apple store and it ran slow. Why is the iPod classic so slow? ... qualified for the update. So smart that it pays attention to what apps you use when and tries to make life easier for you. Does your iPod Touch or iPhone ever get super sluggish? Another reason could be that you are running out of storage on your iPod. The iPod touch runs fast. It's a 3rd gen and every time I go to a app I'm on it for awhile It will just crash and I don't know why. I have no idea why this happens and if this is an isolated defect. NEWS ... or iPod touch. Does iOS 8 slow down the iPod Touch 5g? My aunt has an ipod touch and it freezes ... Why is my iPod touch running slow? Maybe that's the reason it takes so long, you have too many songs. I was playing with the iPod classic at the Apple store and it ran slow. Here are my 5 reasons why you should get the 5th Gen iPod Touch: ... have different colors so why not the iPod Touch? ... 27 thoughts on iPod/iPhone running slow? Finally, remove the display assembly from the rear case of the iPod. My ipod 5, is SO slow!! My ipod touch is being very slow and laggy and freezes up alot. Why is my iPod so slow? Cydia Impactor and Semirestore haven't been updated for IOS9(Cydia Impactor is hit or miss from what I've read), so I don't know if there's a way to restore back to stock without losing jailbreak ... iOS 8 slowing 5th gen iPod ... songs cause it's so slow. But now I'm running download/upgrade speed comparison between my iPod Touch 5th gen and iPhone 4S. Q: Why is my iPod touch 5th generation so slow on wifi vs my iPhone 5s on same wifi? ... screen and the fused LCD for a 5th generation iPod Touch. 6 tips to speed up iOS 9 - SiliconANGLE. ... iPod touch on iOS 9 running slow? I kill all the apps running. Your iPod touch likes to be smart. I've been noticing that my 4th generation iPod Touch is very slow. Follow the steps backwards to put your Apple iPod Touch 5th Generation back together.