Tirf Alexius

Tirf Alexius is a Haitian-American Actor, Producer, Director, Writer, and Co-Founder of Chicago based feature film production and distribution companies, “4 Feature Film Company” and “Driven Entertainment”.

A graduate of Columbia College with a BA in acting, it didn’t take long for this business minded artist to find that he was able to bring a unique perspective to characters both in front of and behind the camera.

Having begun his career in commercial and film,Tirf directed and produced, music videos, television, radio, multi-media projects, three feature films, as well as commercials. Two of his commercials went on to win Telly Awards.

Tirf is best known for Award-winning Documentary, LAKAY, a film where he travels to Haiti after the devastating earthquake to make sure the family he left behind when he was five years old is safe.

Before LAKAY came thriller, CRITICAL NEXUS, a feature film where critics recognized Tirf’s ambition in film. Tirf’s third feature, BASTARD SON OF A THOUSAND FATHERS, is soon to be released.

Having been quoted saying that he is a “big action film genre guy,” he isn’t as serious as he is perceived and looks forward to exploring comedies in his filmmaking future.

A family man and father, Tirf believes in education for youths and works with non-profit organizations to help foster the minds of the future, both in the local areas surrounding Chicago, in communities in Haiti, as well as the world.