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I know, you’re on the attack. I get it. You’re working hard to achieve your career/project goals. However, even while we’re doing everything seemingly right, we don’t always achieve the intended results. That’s OK. It’s part of the process. There are many factors outside of our control. We can certainly steer and do our best to influence the outcome. Ultimately, universal synergy must take place if success is to be had. Your hard Work must marry the Opportunities and produce the offspring called LUCK.

So, how do we keep moving forward while we ride out the gestation period? Well, if you’re a writer, get to it. I was about to mention typewriters, but I’m way too young to make that reference (or am I?). If You haven’t optioned off that gem of a piece to a Hollywood studio, maybe it’s time to connect with your area filmmakers. They’re always looking for great material. Keeping it locked in your Macbook (I’m a PC) for another 10 years does you no good. Get the damn thing made. That experience will make you a better screenwriter.

And if you’re a producer, bring to life something in shorter form while you work to secure funding for that big budget action feature film where you blow up an escalade-with Scarlett Johansson barely escaping the wreckage. I’m sorry, I was starting to daydream for a moment. Point is, go through the entire process from pre to delivery. Outputting a film for commercial distribution is pretty involved given the myriad of audio formats, flavors of high res video along with closed captioning and other tedious, but much needed items.

Every project prepares you for the next one. Your moment is coming. Stay hungry and humble. Let’s not just talk about it.

~Tirf Alexius


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